We at the Holy Family House of Prayer have a great devotion to the saints and praying through their intercession. Every year the very first thing we do at the shrine on January 1st is to pick our own personal Patron Saint for the Year. We encourage people who visit to choose a patron saint from the basket and get to know their saint for that year.  The saints are a great inspiration because they have already walked the walk. They are just waiting for us to ask for help. They’re already in heaven and are able to help petition for what we need. There is a patron saint for just about everything: this site is not only in alphabetical order but also in topics related to the patron saints.

We are blessed to have a few patron saints that have been given to us. We have been given St. Damian & St. Cosmas who were identical twins who were doctor’s who never charged for their services. They are the patron saints for surgeons. We have a lot of sick people who visit us at the shrine and we pray through their intercession. We have also been given St. Benedict & his twin sister St. Scholastica.  We are given them for hospitality as we are asked to reach out and invite those who visit the Shrine to stay for lunch if it is that time or maybe give them a cup of tea or coffee. We are also asked to where a Benedictine cross for protection.

If you would like to choose a saint, print off the list Saints names and cut them and fold and place into a box and draw one out. If you would like us to pick a saint for you, please email us.