Miracles from Our Lord through Our Lady’s Intercession

The word miracle stems directly from the Latin root mirari, “to wonder”

“Many people have pointed to the conversions and renewed faith that have accompanied visits to the statue… These are the fruits of prayer for which we give thanks to God. They are gifts of God through Mary’s prayerful intercession… Catholic faith in the goodness of God and His Blessed Mother does not depend on particular extraordinary events…”

(Excerpts from a statement by Archbishop B.J Hickey Perth Archdiocese on February 26th 2003)

The previous statement by Archbishop Hickey acknowledges the wonderful events surrounding the “weeping” statue of Rockingham.

At the outset let me state clearly that it is not my intention to either prove or disprove any miraculous happenings at The Holy Family House of Prayer or surrounding the statue of The Weeping Madonna or its oily tears and I write this page as a direct request from Our Lady.

MaryMany have pointed to “miraculous” or wonderful events which have occurred at Rockingham in the testimonies section are just two which have been documented. The shrine contains a rather large box which is filled with letters from all over the world. Some offer prayers and support while others seek answers and prayers and hope. Others give accounts of events which have occurred in the life of the writer which, to them, seem miraculous. I do not know what constitutes a miracle so all I am able to do is bear simple witness to events which I can not rationally explain. There may be a rational explanation, but, in the absence of one I will continue to believe.

During the first weeks of the weeping the secular press wanted to concentrate on miracles. Every question they asked seemed to be loaded with a “miracle” component. This tended to create an atmosphere of excitement but completely clouded what was happening. It is understandable that the press would concentrate on such matters for really they have little understanding of true faith and prayer and the manifestation of God’s unending love. Miracles sell papers seemed to be their basic perception.

One unexplained event involved a young girl who was brought to the church by her Grandmother. The girl had lost the ability to speak and had been silent for 7 or 8 years. She was taken before the statue and afterwards she was touched with the oily tears. At the end of a short prayer asking for God’s healing and mercy the girl answered with a hoarse and breathy.. Amen!! I asked her if she realised that she had just spoken and she replied again, quietly and with tears brimming in her eyes (and mine) “I can speak!” I saw something that day which I can not explain and I felt God’s Holy love fill that child and I sensed the true power of sincere prayer.

There were many people who were suffering from so many ailments from Arthritis to various cancers and many great spiritual ailments as well. One Lady had had a serious back injury which left her in constant pain and unable to live an active life with her children. She had suffered for twenty years and she visited the church. She stopped feeling pain that day and now leads an active life able to play with and lift her children. Another Lady came into the church heavily reliant on a walking stick she, to all reports, virtually ran out of the church. She wrote some time later to say that all was well and she had never felt better and was still not in need of a stick.

Pkolbe day6eople from all over the world have written to express their wondrous events of faith which have occurred as a result of either visiting the statue or being touched with the oil. People have experienced remission of cancers and conversions of faith, reconciliation with family and spouses. Religious who had turned away from their vocation have been moved to return and take up their ministry again. Many have been led to find faith and seek instruction and become members of Christ’s mystical body. Women, who were not able to conceive, have conceived and those with very difficult pregnancies have delivered safely and normally. Many who came did not, it would seem, have a healing of a physical kind. They experienced a greater healing that being one in the Spirit. Many have since been born to eternal life and in quite a few cases they have departed with a great peace and with such expectant joy. They allowed God’s grace to flow on them and fill them with His peace. These are not necessarily “miracles” but they are clear examples of wonder caused by faith.

In the medical cases some may well be the result of treatment which has finally started to give benefit to the patient and we can truly be thankful to God for those instances. Some can not be explained by science or medicine. Doctors are as perplexed as we non medical people are. They do not have an answer as to why inoperable tumours can just disappear. They do not know why diseased kidneys have suddenly become healthy and functional. No explanation is forthcoming why blood counts become normal in people with leukaemia and are unable to have any treatment. The only common link is that they have all been led to prayer and renewal of faith by an unexplained and wonderful event in a small town in Western Australia. This event is ongoing and evolving and still people from all over the world and Australia come and pray and hope and find some comfort in front of this small statue of Our Lady.

Our Blessed Mother hears their sincere prayers and she is an intercessory for them to Jesus, Son of God and God the Son. She speaks with me regularly and that is another miracle. I who had lost faith and turned away from God and embraced a secular and selfish life have been granted a wonderful grace. I have been allowed to see and learn of God’s love and truth from His Mother. He has softened my heart and filled an empty void with love and peace and wonder. Please read and live the messages She has given to you. Do not let this wonderful time go by without realising the joy and happiness which comes from Christ’s great mercy and love. This is the first time Our Lady has asked me to communicate directly through a letter of this type. I trust I was able to communicate to you my sense of wonder at all I have been allowed to witness these last few years. Please enjoy the rest of the Shrine web site.