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Archbishop Barry Hickey gave approval for The Holy Family House of Prayer on 25th March, 2011.  Below is the scanned copy of his letter.16061501

5th September, 2014

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5th September 2014 (Afternoon Prayer)
My little one,
Do not be afraid to walk this pilgrim path into the unknown tomorrow. I go before you to light your path. Remain with Me in the present moment. Do not be tempted to let your thoughts rush ahead into the future. Stay with Me in the duties you perform in the present moment. Abide in Me as I abide in you. The world has gone astray. Many of God’s people have wandered off the narrow path into the wilderness of worldly wants. Selfishness and greed abound in the world today. Arrogance and prideful ways have blinded God’s people from living a life that is pleasing to the Lord. Your time on earth is fleeting in comparison to your eternal life. Put your life in right order now while you are given this time of purification. Open your eyes to any prideful ways. Open your ears and listen more intently to the gentle prompting you are given by the Holy Spirit of God. Open your heart up and receive the love of the Father, Son and Spirit. Do not have hidden agendas of self gain for the love you give out to others. Follow the holy way of the Lord. Deny self and you will rise up to live a new life led by the Spirit of God. Choose the path of true holiness not the road of prideful false piety. Clean the interior of any selfishness and pride. Purify your thoughts. Purify the words you speak and work always for the glory of God, not for any selfish agendas. Walk the path that the saints before you walked. They had choices to make, the same as you have choices. Choose the path of the true disciple. Be holy and humbly serve the Lord. Love your Lord and God with all your heart and love your neighbour as yourself.


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What a shock it was to me to come on the website to do some work after not being on for about a month and find over 5000 comments mostly spam.  It has taken nearly all day to delete these.  We apologize if you were genuine in commenting on our blog.  We have had to place restrictions on how people comment on a blog.  Perhaps you can email us if you have a comment to make.  God Bless

Passing on Skills

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We have had two lovely ladies staying at the House of Prayer from Queensland.  We have been wanting to start to show people different skills that we have learned so yesterday we had our first day.  Everyone put on our aprons with our new logo printed on.  Our first lesson was making Camembert Cheese.  Every Monday Julie comes to work in our garden so yesterday we asked her to join in with the class instead of doing the garden.  This is some of her comments passed on via email: “I just wanted to say a huge thank you for including me in your cheese making workshop yesterday.  They say you never know how your day is going to pan out and how right it was yesterday and what a wonderful experience I had.”  There is a bit of waiting time in cheese making so we learned how to make panforte which is sometimes called “Sienna Cake”.  These make great gifts for people.


panfortephoto 4HFHOP Logo
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