September Messages

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1st September 2014 (Morning Prayer)
My little one, stay near Me as you walk the desert pathway of faith. Do not be afraid to embrace these desert moments. You will blossom and bloom in the fullness of God’s love when you learn the lessons of self denial. I am calling you forth as My servant of the little way of holy love. Do not fear this call for you to work humbly in the background for the glory of God. Take time each day to go away from the noise of the world so we can be united as one. Go to your place of stillness and prayer so you can commune with your Lord and God. Be still and listen to the gentle prompting you are given by the Holy Spirit of God. Be still and wait upon the Lord. Do not run ahead of Me by your own means. Patiently wait upon the Lord. I will lead you along the path of salvation. I will guide you to pastures green. Listen to the gentle whispering of the Spirit of God. I am with you always. I have not abandoned you. Trust in the merciful love of your Good Shepherd. Give thanks for all you are given. Open your eyes to the wonders of the Lord. Open your ears and hear the prompting you are given by the Holy Spirit. Open your heart and receive the love of the Father given to you by Me, His Son, through the grace of the Holy Spirit. Change the old impure ways. Clear your mind from the prideful ways of the world – purify your thoughts. Let your lips only utter words that are pleasing to the Lord – purify the words you speak. Open your heart to the ways of the Lord – purify your actions. Follow the holy way of the Lord. Embrace the path of the true disciple. Be holy and humble of heart and you will reap eternal rewards. How blessed are the pure of heart they shall see God.