9th July, 2014

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9th July 2014 (Morning Prayer)
My little one,
Do not be afraid to walk each day the pilgrim path of faith with your Lord and God.  Take time to be still and wait upon the Lord.  It is important for you to learn the lesson of stillness.  Still your mind from the noise of the world.  Still your body.  Come away from the busy pace of the world and rest close to the Lord.  Take time to listen to the gentle whispering of the Spirit of God.  Many of God’s people are uncomfortable with stillness.  It is necessary to take time to be still so that we can be united as one.  Just as I went away to a quiet place to pray and commune with the Father I am asking you to follow My way.  Do not wait until the last moment to experience union with the Lord.  Clean the interior now.  Purify your thoughts, purify the words you speak and work always with a pure heart for the glory of God.  I am calling each one to make adequate preparations now for the wedding feast of the Lamb.  Put on your white linen garment in readiness.  Make changes now.  Do not wait.  Do not waste a moment of your time.  Walk not your own wide path of the world.  Choose the narrow path of the Lord.  Take time each day to pray and discern the holy Will of God.  Learn the lesson of the true disciple.  Be humble and obedient yo the holy Will of God.  Do not let arrogance and pride blind you to the ways of the Lord.  Open your eyes and see more clearly the wonders of the Lord.  Open your ears and listen more intently to the gentle prompting given to you by the Holy Spirit.  Open your heart and receive the love of the Father given to you by Me, His Son through the grace of the Spirit.  Be still and reflect on the way you live your life.  Do not fear the calling to be My servants of the little way of holy love.