8th July, 2014

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8th July 2014 (Morning Prayer)
My dear little one,
Walk with Me always.  Do not be tempted to take your own path into the wilderness of the world.  Stay with Me on the narrow path.  Yes, in the world you will have difficult days, do not be afraid for I have overcome the world.  Remain in Me as I remain in you.  Stay close to Me.  I will lead you each step you take for I am your Good Shepherd.  Follow in the shadow of your Good Shepherd.  Take time to rest close to the Lord your God.  Take time to listen to the gentle whispering of the Spirit of God.  Be still and wait upon the Lord.  I am calling you to make changes now while you are given this time of mercy.  Purify your thoughts, words and deeds.  Look to My Mother Mary to help you.  Follow Mary’s way – the gentle way.  I want you to be a bridge of hope to those who are lost in the wilderness of the world.  Be gentle as you lead them to the Lord.  Look beyond their hardened hearts.  Many of God’s people carry so many hurts.  I want you to be My instrument of holy love.  Open the eyes of the blind by the loving way you live your life.  Open the ears of the spiritually deaf by your gentleness.  Do not bring attention to self.  Be prepared to work humbly in the background for the glory of God.  The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.  Give generously of self with no thought of return for all you freely give.  Love others in the same way as the Lord.  Pick up your cross, deny self daily and follow Me.  Where I am so too will My disciples be.  It is not only those who are hungry for food that need to be fed.  Just as I asked Peter to feed My lambs, feed My sheep, I am calling you to step out in faith and feed the spiritually hungry.  Bring to Me all those who are heavily burdened and I will give them rest for their souls.