7th July, 2014

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7th July 2014 (Morning Prayer)
My little one,
Walk with Me the pilgrim path.  Reach out in holy love to those who are put in your path.  I will guide and help you in this journey of holy love.  Take time to listen to the prompting you are given by the Holy Spirit of God.  Take time to be still and wait upon the Lord.  Speak less in haste.  Learn the lessons of wisdom.  Be prudent and wise in the decisions you make.  Tame the wild impulsive  side by learning to walk the path of temperance.  Live a life that is holy – practice justice.  Pray for the higher virtue of fortitude to help you last the long distance.  Follow the holy way of the Lord.  Clean the interior of all unhealthy ways.  Purify your thoughts from any self-seeking patterns.  Purify the words you speak.  Be gentle and kind with the words you utter – it is better to remain silent than to speak in haste words that are full of venom.  The tongue is small but dangerous.  Tame the wild ways of rushing ahead of Me by your thoughtless words.  I ask you also to purify the deeds you do.  Do not be full of arrogance and pride and seek recognition for self.  Be content to work humbly in the background for the glory of God.  I ask you again to accept the last seat not the place of honor.  Take time for the Lord your God in prayer and quiet contemplation.  I am your Good Shepherd.  I will lead you along the path of righteousness.  Walk in My shadow.  Allow the light of the Lord to penetrate your soul.  Make adequate preparations.  Clean the interior in readiness for the Lord.  I am calling you forth to be a lamp for those who stumble in the darkness of the world.  Put on your white linen garment in preparation for your Eternal Bridegroom.  Be holy as I your Lord and God am holy.