4th July, 2014

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4th July 2014 (Morning Prayer)
My little one,
Do not be afraid to walk with Me the pilgrim path.  Wherever you are I will be.  I have not abandoned you.  It is you that at times runs away from your Lord and God.  I am constant – unchanging.  I will never abandon you.  Trust in Me and the deep love I have for you and for all of God’s children.  Do not hide from Me when you experience difficult days.  Remain in Me as I remain in you.  Come back to Me with a heart that is open to the Lord.  Do not put walls up around your heart as a form of protection.  I want you to come to Me through the Immaculate heart of My Mother.  Come to the wellspring of salvation through your closeness to My Mother Mary.  She is your guiding star.  Mary will guide you to the Sacred heart of her Son.  I wait for you to draw nearer to Me.  Break down the walls you have placed around your heart and learn to trust Me more fully.  Come back to Me.  Come and share with Me the burdens you have hidden from the world and I will give you rest for your soul.  You are not alone My little one for I walk with you each step of your journey.  I wait for you to recognize Me in the breaking of the Bread.  I am the Bread of life.  I am the true bread come down from Heaven.  Come to Me and I will nourish and strengthen you for your journey.  Many of God’s people are blind to the truth.  They look but do not perceive the love of the Lord.  Open your eyes to the wonders of the Lord and I will reveal to you the mysteries of the Kingdom of God.  I am your Emmanuel – I am with you always until the end of time.  Trust in the love of the Lord your God.  Open your ears and hear the prompting you are given each day to reach out and help the needy.  Open your heart completely so that My love can flow through you like a flowing river to set the captives free