11th July, 2014

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11th July 2014 (Night Prayer)
My little one, do not be afraid to walk with Me the pilgrim way in your daily life.  I will guide you each step you take.  I remind you again to walk in the shadow of your Good Shepherd.  Do not be tempted to rush ahead by your own means.  Stay with Me in the duties you perform in the present moment.  I will be your shelter from the storm.  I will guide you to pastures green.  Trust in Me and understand more fully that you are loved far beyond your understanding.  Walk with your Lord and God moment by moment, for I will turn your sorrows into joys, your mourning into dancing.  Lean on Me and not on your own understanding.  Trust in the merciful love of your Lord and God.  Stay close to Me.  Take time to listen to the prompting you are given by the Spirit of God.  Take time to be still so that you can hear more clearly the gentle whispering of the Holly Spirit.  I am calling you to come away from the noise of the world so we can be united as one.  Go to your quiet place to commune with the Lord.  Do not fear this call of stillness that I am asking you to embrace.  I remind you again that God was not found in the roaring wind and fire – instead God was found by Elijah in the gentle breeze.  You are called to embrace the gentle way of your Lord and God.  I am asking you to be My servant of the little way – to work humbly in the background for the glory of God.  I want you to imitate the gentle way of My Mother, Mary.  Will you give your fiat to obediently follow the holy Will of God?  Put your life in right order.  Take time for the Lord your God.  Take time to reach out in holy love to others and take time to replenish self.  Follow the commandments given to you to love the Lord your God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.