28th June, 2014

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28th June 2014 (Afternoon Prayer)

My little one, Walk with Me along the pilgrim path. I go before you to light your way. Stay close to Me. Do not be tempted to walk your own path. I ask you again to walk always in the shadow of the Lord. Let Me lead you to pastures green. Come to Me through the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. Follow Mary’s Way. Be always humble of heart and obedient to God’s Will and you will inherit life eternal. Pray and ask for help from your Heavenly family. Do not try and remain self-sufficient. Come to Me with all the burdens you try and carry alone and I will give you rest for your soul. Examine well the way you live your life. Let go of all selfishness and pride. Walk always the selfless way of the Lord. Embrace a servant’s heart. Do not seek attention and glory for self. Allow the glory to be given to your Heavenly Father. Remain in Me as I remain in you. Pick up your cross, deny self daily and follow Me. Come and seek forgiveness from the Lord by confessing your wrong doings to My consecrated sons. Come to the wellspring of salvation and be washed clean. Come and draw water joyfully. I will pour clean water over you and give to you a new heart and put My spirit within you, then I will be your God and you will be My people. Do not wait. Now is the time of purification. I am calling each one to be purified in body, mind and soul. Change the old, impure ways. Let go of all patterns of selfishness and pride. Pray and ask for help from your Heavenly Mother. Follow Mary’s Way – work humbly in the background for the glory of God.

29th June 2014 (Night Prayer)

My little children, Stay near Me and I will reveal to you the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. Open your eyes to the wonders of the Lord. Do not be full of fear. Cling to the corner of My garment. Be fervent in your faith, cling to God’s plan of hope and learn to reach out in holy love to those who are put in your path each day. Do not grow weary because you face challenges and difficult moments. Trust in the love of your merciful Saviour. Bring all these difficulties to the Lord and I will give you rest for your soul. Let go of any prideful ways where you want to control the situation. I have asked you to pray and discern the holy Will of God. Take time to listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Do not ignore these promptings you are given. Surrender your strong will to the holy Will of God. Walk not by your own means but learn to walk in My footsteps. I will guide you each step you take. Trust in Me My little ones. Trust in the love given to you by the Father, through Me His Son by the grace of the Holy Spirit. Be still and wait upon the Lord. Be joyful in your service of holy love. Do not be afraid to face the challenges of each day. How blessed are you when you are persecuted and people speak against you. Rejoice and be glad for yours is the Kingdom of God. Do not want an eye for an eye. Turn the other cheek. Love the difficult. Let others be able to witness the truth by the humble way you live your life. I am asking you to be My instrument of holy love. Will you be My hands, My feet, My heart of holy love? Will you reach out and love the difficult – those who are rejected by others. Look past the hardened exterior they show. Love is the way of the Lord. Love one another as I have loved you.