27th June, 2014

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27th June 2014 (Morning Prayer) My little one, Do not be afraid to draw nearer to the Sacred Heart of the Lord your God. I wait for you to come back to Me. Look to My hidden presence. Come to the tabernacle of the Lord and spend time with Me in prayer and quiet contemplation. Do not remain at a distance. Come to Me through the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. Mary is your guiding star. She will point you in the right direction. Look up in the night sky and observe the way you are guided without you even realizing this. Those who are lost in the wilderness use the guiding star that points to the cross to show them the direction they need to take. The same applies to the people who are lost in the wilderness of the world. Many search for love in all the wrong places. Look up to your guiding star – My Mother Mary and she will guide you to the Sacred Heart of Me, her Son. Shelter under the holy mantle of Mary. She was chosen by the Father to be the Mother of the Son of God. She gave her humble fiat to God’s plan of holy love. Just as our hearts are united as one in love I am calling you to open your heart up so that we can be united as one. Break down the walls you have placed as protection around your heart. Trust in the merciful love of your Lord and Saviour. Do not doubt but believe that you are loved beyond any worldly comparison by your Heavenly Family. Prepare the way of the Lord. Make adequate preparations now. Do not wait until the last moment. Purify your heart in readiness for the Lord your God. How blessed are the pure of heart – they shall see God. Choose Mary Way by giving your humble yes to follow the way of the Lord.