20th May, 2014

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20th May 2014 (Morning Prayer)

My little one,

Stay close to Me for you live in difficult times. Walk the narrow pathway not the wide and easy road of the world. Take time away from the noise of the world so we can be united as one. Do not be afraid to go to this place of stillness and prayer, for I go before you to light your path. Walk in My shadow. Let Me lead you along the path of righteousness. Let Me guide you to pastures green. Abide in Me as I abide in you. I will guide you each step of your pilgrim journey. I will reveal to you the love of your Heavenly Father. Do not be afraid to journey deeper in your spiritual life. Trust in Me. Trust in the One who sent Me into the world. Yes, in the world you will have trouble; be brave for I have overcome the world. I ask you again to stay close to Me. I will be your shelter from the storm. Come to Me with all the heavy burdens you carry and I will give you rest for your soul. I sent the disciples out in twos. I told them to travel lightly – with no extra tunic or haversack. I ask you to also travel lightly. Do not hold onto worries that weigh you down. Bring all these burdens to your Lord and God. Let go of all that keeps you bound. Clean the interior of all impurities. Walk with me the pilgrim way. Walk moment by moment with your Good Shepherd. Stay with Me in the duties you perform in the present moment. Do not be tempted to run ahead of Me by your own means. Do not dwell in the past. Stay with Me here and now in the present moment. Open your eyes to the wonders of the Lord. Open your ears and listen to the prompting you are given by the Holy Spirit. Do not be arrogant and prideful wanting to do everything your own way. Open your heart up completely to receive the love of the Father, Son and Spirit.