18th May, 2014

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18th May 2014 (Night Prayer)

My dear children,

I have asked you to follow My holy way – to love one another as I have loved you. Pray for the gifts of the Spirit of God to be refreshed within you to give you the courage to walk the path of holiness, the wisdom and knowledge you need, fortitude and understanding, right judgment and reverent fear of the Lord. Follow the path of the virtuous. Change the old patterns of selfishness and pride. Come to the well and drink water joyfully. Come to the eternal wellspring and be washed clean. Purify yourself now in readiness for your Eternal Bridegroom. Put on your white linen garment. Purify your thoughts, the words you speak and your actions. Learn the lessons of self-denial. Give thanks for the gift of holy love you are given by your Heavenly Father, through Me, His Son by the grace of the Holy Spirit. Do not remain self-sufficient. If you ask for My help you will be given it. If you seek Me you will find Me. If you knock the door will be opened for you. I ask you again to take time to be still and wait upon the Lord. Do not make your life so busy that you have no time to rest close to the Lord your God. Take time to listen to the gentle prompting you are given by the Spirit of God. Change the old ways where you try and work by your own means. Surrender yourself completely to the Holy Will of God. Open your eyes and see the generosity of God. Open your ears and hear the gentle whispering of the Holy Spirit. Open your heart and receive the love of your Eternal Father given to you by Me, His Son through the grace of the Holy Spirit. I am calling you to be a vessel of holy love. I have asked you to follow My way, live My truth and change your life. Give glory to God by the humble way you live your life. Allow My love to flow freely from you setting all the captives free. Will you be My hands, My feet, My heart of holy love?