17th May, 2014

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17th May 2014 (Morning Prayer)

My little one,

Walk with Me the pilgrim path of faith. Do not be tempted to run ahead by your own means. Rein in all patterns of wilful and selfish behaviour. I have asked you to deny self and you will receive the gift of new life. You will be led by the Spirit of God. Each one must be trained to follow the way of the Lord. Let go of your own strong will and be docile to the prompting you are given by the Holy Spirit of God. Do not be afraid to be trimmed back of all dead wood. I am the Vine you are the branches. The Father is the Vine-dresser. It is important that you receive pruning so that you grow into a healthy branch of the Lord and you produce fruit – everlasting fruit. Make the most of this time of mercy to change the old patterns of selfishness and pride. Surrender your will to the holy Will of God. Allow My peace and joy to flood your soul and flow out continually to others. Look to My Mother (Queen of Peace) and her gentle ways. Follow Mary’s way. Be humble of heart. Accept God’s Will in your life. Love others in the same way as you love your own children and loved ones, for love is the way of the Lord. I ask you again to love one another as I have loved you. Do not be afraid to give of yourself in a selfless way to help in the salvation of others. Embrace the call given to you to purify yourself in body, mind and soul. Break the chains of the past that keep you trapped. Live a virtuous life. Look to Scripture to help you understand. Read again the Sermon on the Mount to help you follow the way of the Lord – the holy way. Read again Matthew 5: 1-12. Follow the path of the true disciple. It is not those who boast about the work they have done for the Lord but the humble servant who follows the holy Will of God who will reap eternal rewards. Be holy My little one, as I, your Lord and God am holy.