16th May, 2014

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16th May 2014 (Morning Prayer)

My little one,

Do not despair when one door closes. Trust in the Lord your God. Walk in My shadow for something you see to be a disappointment is not that way at all – it is a blessing for you that is yet to be revealed. My ways are not your ways, My thoughts are beyond the thoughts of mankind. Embrace a heart that trusts completely in the love of the Lord your God. Look again at God’s providence. You are looked after far beyond your own understanding. Follow the holy way of the Lord. Be still and wait upon the Lord. Do not rush ahead of Me. Take time to pray and discern the holy Will of God. Return to a more simple way of living your life. Walk the pilgrim way of the Lord. When your life is so busy with worldly distractions you do not take the time needed to discern God’s Will. Do not be afraid to spend time in your day in stillness and prayer. Come away from the busy pace of the world and commune with your Lord and God. Find a quiet place to go to so that you can learn the lessons of stillness and prayer. Study the Scriptures and you will see that I, your Lord and Saviour took time away from the noise of the world to spend in prayer with My Heavenly Father. Follow in the footsteps of your Good Shepherd. I remind you again, do not run ahead by your own means. Walk in the shadow of your Good Shepherd. I hear your prayers and answer them. I will never abandon you, for I have carved you on the palm of My hand. Trust in the merciful love of the Lord. I am your Merciful Saviour. Make the most of this time of mercy that you have been given. Make the changes that are needed. Forgiveness is needed. Forgive others their transgressions and also seek forgiveness for the offences you have done. Come to the wellspring of salvation and be washed clean. I will pour clean water over you and give you a new heart and put My spirit within you; then I will be your God and you will be My people.