15th May, 2014

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15th May 2014 (Morning Prayer)

My little one,

Do not be disheartened when you face challenges. If you call My name I will answer you for I hear the cries of the poor. Stay close to Me. I will guide you as you walk the pilgrim path. Do not remain self-sufficient. Come to Me with all your burdens and I will give you rest for your soul. Take time to go to a quiet place to spend time with the Lord your God in stillness and prayer. Come away from the fast pace of the world so that we can be united as one. Do not be afraid to make changes. Put your life in right order. Return to a more balanced way of living your life. I ask you again to take time for the Lord, take time to reach out in holy love to others and take time for self. Do not make your life so busy that you have no time to rest. Return to a more simple way of living. Remove the clutter that keeps you trapped in the world. You will find My peace and joy abounds when you clear away the distractions of keeping up with worldly ways that you see others embracing. Change the old patterns that keep you chained. Do not make comparisons to others, for there are many parts to the body of Christ. The grass seems greener to many in someone else’s field. This is not My way. Look to all I have taught you. I am your Good Shepherd. Lean on Me and not on your own understanding. Walk in the shadow of your Good Shepherd. I will guard you as you face the storms of life. I will guide you to pastures green and to restful waters. Remain in Me as I remain in you. Prepare a worthy dwelling place for your Lord and God. Clean the interior of all self-seeking ways. Purify your thoughts, the words you speak and your actions. How blessed are the pure of heart, they shall see God.