14th May, 2014

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14th May 2014 (Night Prayer)

My little ones,

Continue the work you have been called to do. Work humbly in the background to further the Kingdom of God. I have asked you to be My prayer warriors. Your prayers are heard. Do not doubt the power of your prayers offered humbly for the salvation of souls. There is a need for constant prayer offered for the people of the world who have turn their backs on the love of the Lord. Many have chosen the wide road of selfishness and pride. They are blinded to My truth. Pray my little one, for the conversion of hardened hearts. Pray for the eyes of the spiritually blind to opened. Pray that the ears of the deaf will once again listen and hear the gentle whispering of the Spirit of God. Do not grow weary. Remember all that you have learned in the holy Word of God. I will not forsake you for I hear the cries of the poor. Do not doubt but believe in the holy love given to you freely from your Heavenly Father through Me, His Son by the grace of the Holy Spirit. Trust in the merciful love of the Lord. Walk the narrow path with fervent faith. Do not be distracted by the ways of the world. It is time for you to make the changes that are needed for you to walk the path of holiness. Break the patterns of selfishness and pride that have been passed on from one generation to the next. Learn the lessons of selfless love. Love one another as I have loved you. Follow the way of your Good Shepherd. Be holy as I, your Lord and God am holy.