12th May, 2014

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My little one,
Do not despair when you face difficult moments. Stay with Me in the duties you perform in the present moment. The world has gone astray. Selfishness and prideful ways abound. Do not be tempted to follow the ways of the world. Deny self and you will rise up to live a new life led by the Spirit of God. Do not be afraid to walk this path of selfless love. I go before you to light your path. Walk in the shadow of your Good Shepherd. I will lead you along the right path. Surrender your will to the holy Will of God. Choose the path of righteousness. Embrace a generous and giving heart – a servant’s heart of holy love. Do not look over the fence and make comparisons with others. Walk the narrow path of holiness with the Lord your God. Forgiveness must be shown to those whom offend you. Come to the wellspring of salvation and seek forgiveness for the errors you have made. Do not continually make judgements on the life that others live. Examine well your own conscience as to how you live your life. Change the old patterns of self-righteous behaviour. Die to self so that you can blossom and bloom and bear fruit in abundance. Unless the grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies it remains a single grain but if it dies it yields a rich harvest. Do not fear this path of self-denial I am calling each one to choose. Embrace a servant’s heart. Choose the last seat not the place of honour. Be prepared to serve others with a generous heart. Do not have hidden agendas of self. Follow the ways of your Lord and Saviour. I came to serve and not to be served. I gave My life as a ransom for many. Choose the path of holiness. Be holy as I, your Lord and God am holy.