11th May, 2014

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My dear children,
Patience and perseverance is needed in these difficult times. Stay close to Me. I will be your shelter from the storms of life. I am your Good Shepherd. I will lead you to pastures green. I will protect you from the wolves of the world. You must walk the pilgrim path with a trusting heart. Satan prowls like a lion ready to pounce on those who are unprepared. Keep your eyes fixed on your Good Shepherd. My sheep listen to Me. They hear and follow Me. Listen to the gentle prompting you are given by the Spirit of God. Walk in the shadow of your Good Shepherd. I will guard you from the evil ways of the world. Do not try to walk the narrow path by your own means. I call you this day to pick up your cross, deny self daily and follow Me. Do not be afraid to face these difficult moments. Remember all that I have told you. Yes, in the world you will have trouble; be brave for I have overcome the world. Pray for the courage and strength you need to walk the pilgrim path of faith. Your prayers are heard and answered. Trust in Me and the merciful love I have for you and for all of God’s children. I will not abandon you in your time of need. I ask you again to lean on Me and not on your own understanding for I hear the cries of the poor. Stay near Me. Put on your spiritual armour in readiness for the battle rages. Now is not the time to be lukewarm in your faith. Clear your mind from all worldly distractions. Follow the path of the holy way. Embrace a servant’s heart. Return to a more simple way of living your life. Do not make your main focus on the treasures of the world for these are not lasting. Keep your eyes fixed on the hidden treasure that leads you to life eternal. Put your life in right order. Love your Lord and God with all your heart and love your neighbour as yourself.