9th May, 2014

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9th May 2014 (Morning Prayer)

My little one, Come to Me with all the burdens you carry and I will give you rest for your soul. Open your heart to the love of your Lord and God. Let go of the anxieties that keep you distant from the Lord. Allow My peace and joy to flood your soul and flow out to many. Sing joyful songs of praise to lift your spirit. Walk with me moment by moment. Do not try and remain self-sufficient. If you ask for My help you will be given it. If you seek you will find. If you knock the door will be opened for you. Stay close to me. Cling to the corner of My garment. Be firm in your faith, clinging always to hope and reach out in holy love to all that are put in your path. Lean on Me and not on your own understanding. I am your Good Shepherd. I will guide you each step you take on the pilgrim path of faith. I am calling you to be an instrument of holy love – a bridge of hope for those who stumble in the darkness of the world. I am asking you to be My vessel of holy love. Clean the interior first in readiness for the Lord. Purify yourself in your thoughts, words and deeds. Do not rush ahead of Me. Walk in My shadow. Learn the lessons of balance. Take time in stillness and prayer with your Lord and God. Take time to reach out in holy love to others and take time to rest and replenish self. It is not selfish to take time for self – to rest and restore in readiness for the work of holy love you are called to do. Look to the commandment of love – love your Lord and God with all your heart and love your neighbour as yourself – love God, love others and love and respect self. Love is the way of the Lord. Follow My way, live My truth and allow the glory of God to be shown to others by the way you live your life.