7th May, 2014

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7th May 2014 (Night Prayer) My dear children, Perseverance is needed for you to last the long distance. Do not crave easy solutions to your problems. Trust in the Lord for all your needs. You are looked after beyond your understanding. Stay close to Me. You are called to be purified and tested in your thoughts, words and deeds. Do not fear to pass through the Refiner’s fire. Make the most of this time of rest to be purified in your thoughts, words and deeds. Tame the unruly ways that keep you at a distance from your Lord and God. Surrender yourself completely to the holy Will of God. Change the old ways that keep you self-sufficient. It is time for you to make the changes that are necessary for your purification of body, mind and soul. Come now to the wellspring of salvation and be washed clean. I will pour clean water over you and give to you a new heart and put My spirit within you, then I will be your God and you will be My people. Abide in Me as I abide in you.