4th May, 2014

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4th May 2014 (Evening Prayer)

My dear children,

Do not be full of fear. Walk the way of the Lord. To fear is not the way of your Lord and God. Walk the pilgrim path with a trusting heart. I am your Good Shepherd. I will guard and protect you. I will guide you along the right path. Stay with Me. Do not be tempted to walk your own path. I ask you again to walk in the shadow of your Good Shepherd. Do not doubt My hidden presence. I will not abandon you. I am with you always. I am your Emmanuel. Clear your mind of all selfish thoughts. Do not be consumed with self. I have called you forth and asked you to pick up your cross, deny self daily and follow Me. Do not be afraid to be selfless and giving to others. Many are consumed with self and are blind to My truth. I have asked you to follow Me as My servant’s of the little way of holy love. This takes self-sacrifice. You are asked to imitate the way of your Lord and Saviour – to serve others instead of expecting others to serve you. Strip back the areas of arrogance and pride. Purify your ways. Do not have hidden agendas of self-gain for the work you do. Give generously of self with no hidden expectation of payment in return for the service you have given. Give of yourself selflessly so that God’s glory will be shown to others. Do not expect praise and thanks for all you do. Give of self with a heart that is holy and pure. Clean the interior of all self-seeking ways. Examine well the way you live your life. Pray for the gift of clear perception. Study well the path of wisdom. Do not be afraid to walk the path of discipline. Rein in the wilful ways of self. Take time each day to pray and discern God’s Will. Follow the holy way – the path of the true disciple by your obedience to the holy Will of God.